Thursday, August 09, 2007

Weta Work: The Red Star

And here's even more stuff I've been up to at work (suddenly it's in a rush to get public eh?) - the latest edition of the uber-indi Red Star comics - The Sword of Lies issue 2 has just been released and is available at comic retailers now.

Here's how Wikipedia describes it: "The Red Star is a graphic novel by Christian Gossett set in a sci-fi/fantasy world described by Gossett as "Mythic [Soviet] Russia". The "Lands of The Red Star" were inspired by both Russian folklore and military history. The series is thus heavily reminiscent of a post-WW II Soviet Russia mixing technology and sorcery."

Myself and some of the designers here cranked out all the digital painting work, working with the lovely pencils of Mr Gossett. I has been an awesome experience to work on a graphic novel and one of my life-long ambitions. I was very lucky to have been involved and hope that it will lead to more work in the comic industry in the future.

And did I mention that it was oarsome? huh?

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