Sunday, April 13, 2008

So long and thanks for all the Fish (and Chups)

So I've moved to Korea. It's random, I know...

The work that I was doing was great fun, I'd been doing Concept Art at weta for the last year or so, and was getting better every day. But I felt like my life needed a change. Apparently a big change.

Moving to Seoul is that change, and I'm feeling pretty good abut it. I have a lot more free time now to work on my own projects. Moth-City and Dead-Guy are progressing very well and I expect to have more time to work on personal illustrations and designs. Moving to a new city, especially one so different from Wellington, has really opened my eyes - like only traveling can, and I expect it to have a big influence on both my life and my work for years to come.

Have spotted some extraordinary pieces of design and architecture and I will post these up as soon as I get sorted.

Updates soon :)

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