Friday, January 26, 2007

Dead-Guy WIP 360

This is still a work in progress, he requires a weapon, and he has a niffy iris-lens surprise on the way, but check it yo (EDIT: I have now extended the length of the video):


toadfoster said...

sweet....I like the little tweaks you've made.

This may not be at all suitable...but these goggles are just soooo cool...
(wouldn't surprise me if you've already seen them)

Tim Gibson said...

Cheers dude, I hadn't seen them actually, but they're pretty close to my original design for the goggles.

The detailing like the screws and stuff is great, but I'm trying to keep everything quite blockey and simple - no small bits poking out. They are very cool goggles though :)

I'll post up the iris lens soon eh?

klim said...

how are you breaking him up for articulation? Love the face on that guy!

also Vinyl is a very versatile material you can get quite a bit of detail on the lill fella if you want to

Awesome Blog!
saw the rayguns at Toyfair lst year
UNREAL a bit pricey but incredible
if you have any production questions I cna answer them for you

Tim Gibson said...

Cheers Klim,
I hadn't thought too much about articulation yet. Depending on the mold setup I might have the arm articulate at the shoulders. But the legs will probably be static.

He will be posed fairly soon and I'll post up some more 360.

I'm sure I'll have lots of questions for you, I'll flick you an email eh?