Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Other Fun Ways of Wasting Money

Ok, the cards are printed and looking pretty fly. As I took them round Weta Workshop and touted their exclusivity, labeling them 'collectors cards,' some smart fellow misunderstood and went "are there stats on the back?"

Damnit. Now it seems that I shall (at some later stage) have to release a small series of Dead-Guy wrestling cards. Ohhhh yeah. Wins, loses, special powers, finishing moves, their idea of the perfect date. You know, cool shit.

Anyway, card numbers 100-300 should be jet-setting their way over to London in the next week. So, if Flameo can make it though Customs with his smuggled Dingo steaks, they might be in Soho the following week. But who knows with that guy. He may have already eaten all 200.


Matthew said...

Thats a cool little dude you have there- are you going to make him into a real vinyl toy? I've looked into this kinda thing before - and am quite interested in whacking my own creations together.

I also have plans for world domination, its coming along slowly. Its surprising how many people have that same objective.

ciao -

Chris said...

Hey! Where abouts in Soho are you planning on selling these? I'm a kiwi over here at the mo and wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these.

Tim Gibson said...

Hey Matthew, thanks for the compliments. The aim is a line of vinyl toys. At some point I'll need to look at the finical side of the whole thing to work out the size of the run etc.

And yeah, ain't world domination a bitch... I'm fairly confident tho, I've designed a uniform for you all to wear and everything :) Everyone likes sombreros, right?

Hey there Chris, I presume I'll need to have them manufactured before I start selling them, but if you'd like to send me some pounds I won't say no ;) Soon I'll have Flameo dropping off those 200 cards in Soho, but I'd love to have some toys available over there for y'all. It would certainly be good for my ego.

PS. What's life like over there for a Kiwi? I hope you're not just hanging out with the anzac crew

Chris said...

Hey Tim!
Life over here in London is great! Unfortunately its a bit on the chilly side at the mo.. feels weird gearing up for a xmas without it being summer, sorta plays with your mind a bit and makes you still think your still in July! haha