Monday, November 27, 2006

Weta Workshop Rayguns

This is just a little plug for a series of 'Weta Originals' from Weta Workshop, in Wellington, New Zealand. They are Rayguns! And here is the website!

Bespangled in fine detail and with various (most likely quite dangerous) moving parts, these wave weapons of yesteryear are the perfect ornament for a gentleman's study or a deterring centerpiece for a lady's powder room or chiffonier.


These are produced by Greg Broadmore (designer) and Dave Tremont (model maker), so I can't claim any kudos for them I'm affraid.

The reason I'm posting this so late after the press release, is that I have done a small amount of work on for the Rayguns project. Of course, like all cool things, I can't tell you what it was. And Mr. Boardmore - if you are reading this, next time I work with you and you change your designs, 'all your wacom pen will belong to us.'

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